Inspired by wild things in wild places, every Patricia Griffin painting starts with an experience...

Capturing The Wild

A photo captures a moment frozen, but the interpretation of that moment in paint brings movement, life, sensation, texture and sometimes even the mind's conjuring of sound back into the moment. Patricia's paintings share her experience with you so you can experience it for a lifetime when you pause to look closer and appreciate her paintings in your collection.

Fine Art For Every Setting...

Bringing the outside in

With studios in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and in the Tetons of Wyoming, Patricia surrounds herself with inspiration and opportunities to encounter her wild subjects. Her paintings encompass a broad color palette that is not just color for the sake of being colorful, its decades of working with color relationships. The result is often photorealistic from a far and beckons you closer to see the details and texture. As a result, her paintings and their framing style easily pair with both modern and traditional settings with most color palettes.

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From the studio...

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